Dogfish SSD PCIe NVMe Include – Three color Dogfish Technology Co., Ltd
Dogfish SSD PCIe NVMe Include
Dogfish SSD PCIe NVMe Include
Dogfish SSD PCIe NVMe Include
Dogfish SSD PCIe NVMe Include
Dogfish SSD PCIe NVMe Include
Dogfish SSD PCIe NVMe Include
Dogfish SSD PCIe NVMe Include

Dogfish SSD PCIe NVMe Include

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Operating system requirements Windows 10 and Windows 8.1.
The new computing performance released Dogfish PCIe SSD has a continuous read speed of up to 1500 MB / s, more than three times faster than SATA SSD, to meet your high-end computing needs.
  • Quickly start the system, quickly start the game, use Dogfish PCIe SSD to easily achieve multitasking.
  • Heat dissipation and Power Management Dogfish PCIe SSD comes with comprehensive heat throttling and power management algorithms designed to help prevent overheating, protect data, and maintain consistent high performance in an energy-efficient manner.
  • Leading reliability with 1.75m hours of MTTF (average failure time), Dogfish PCIe SSD can help store data for the next few years. Dogfish PCIe solid-state drives also use a variety of leading error correction technologies. It helps prevent data loss and provide lasting reliability.
  • The M.2 design is suitable for desktops and small PC Dogfish PCIe SSD with thin single-sided M.2 2280 design, ideal for tower desktop chassis and small high-performance PC.
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