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About us

We come from a franchise computer bank and solid state drive. We provide you with high-quality products with competitive prices. For the same product, you may have to spend more money or buy it at the same price, but the quality is lower, and neither of these is the choice of a wise customer like you. We cherish our customers and help you solve every problem you may encounter when using our products, no matter how small the product is. This is the reason why we have won the trust and partnership of so many customers. You trust us, when you buy our products with high cost performance and first-class service, we will repay you with the most pleasant experience.

1. As our brand Dogfish, our SSD reads, writes and performs multitasking at an incredible speed, thereby improving startup speed, application loading and multitasking performance.

2. It is not only an upgrade, but also a complete conversion of your PC. Your SSD drive is not only a container, but an engine that loads and saves everything you do and use. Get more benefits from the computer by improving almost every aspect of performance.

3. With Dogfish SSD, you can easily run high-end applications, such as video games, high-definition media players or creative software. Increase the response speed of the entire system by 30% or more.

4. Dogfish solid state drives are cooler, quieter and more efficient than hard drives. 100% risk-free satisfaction guarantee! Dogfish SSD is manufactured to the highest standards and undergoes rigorous testing.

5. You can have confidence in the excellent quality, performance and reliability of each Dogfish SSD. All Dogfish brand SSDs will provide three years of free technical support for new alternative products.

6. Our company has a batch of automatic SMT equipment and strong production capacity, and can provide customers with customized OEM services according to their different requirements.

The company has an excellent management team, and has professional staff in every aspect of product selection, design, development, evaluation, production and quality inspection to ensure that the quality of the products can be 100% satisfied by customers.


                                                       We have customers all over the world.